The Best Nail Shapes For Women For 2022

When it comes to nails the possibilities of styles are endless. With so many different nail shapes to choose from and in such a wide variety of colors and designs, it can be difficult to know where to start. But have no fear nail lovers, we’re here to guide you through what’s hot and what’s not.

You can pretty much shape your nail into any shape, and believe me when I say, there are some wacky nail shapes out there. There are some nail shapes whose versatility and elegance have won them a solid place at the top of the nail shape chart though.

People have often asked us what nail shape looks best on short chubby fingers, and the truth is, whatever the size of your fingers, can rock any of these nails. It’s how you wear them, not who wears them. A long and elegant rounded tip nail shape like an almond nail shape or an oval nail shape will surely lengthen your fingers but equally, short or square tip nails could complement the natural shape of your fingers. Have a look at some of the photos below and see which one suits your unique look the best.

We have chosen 8 of the most popular and versatile nail shapes that you really should know about. So next time you go to the nail salon, you can stroll in there with confidence knowing exactly the look you want to go for.

1. Almond Nails

The number one nail shape at the moment is the almond nail. This beautiful and elegant nail shape is based on the shape of an almond (yup, you guessed it!) and looks great worn long or short. Almond nails are great for lengthening the appearance of your fingers so are often considered the best nail shape for chubby fingers. This nail shape looks great with french tips and looks stunning combined with delicate finger rings placed at different heights. Almond shaped wedding nails is a trend that many brides are opting for right now, and with their elegant beauty, we can totally see why!

Almond Nails

Have a look at these Beautiful Brown Almond Nails for more almond nail shape inspiration.

2. Coffin Nails

Bet you can’t guess what shape these nails are based on. Coffin nails are distinguished by the way they point inwards towards the top but are squared off at the ends, just as a coffin shape would. Coffin nails can be compared to with ballerina nail shapes, except that ballerina nails have a smaller square tip at the end and are often a little more rounded in their shape.

Coffin nails can be worn long or short, but for the full effect, coffin nails look great worn long with rhinestones, glitter, and glamz. The coffin nail shape is the ultimate shape for baddie nails!

Coffin Nails

We’ve got tons of coffin nail inspiration for you. Check out these 50+ Looks: Gorgeous Coffin Nails To Take Inspiration From and these 21 Luxurious Baddie Simple Coffin Nails With Rhinestones for more coffin nail shape inspiration.

3. Square Tip Nails

It’s almost as though square tip nails were created to be worn with french tips. Square nails look awesome with a u shape nail tip or with v shaped french nails. The combination of these shapes can be worn artistically or subtly depending on your style. We also love the square tip nail shape for its safety purposes. You are much less likely to stab someone in the eye with these blunt ends. The square tip nail shape is also an easy one to maintain yourself with a good quality nail shaper.

Square Tip Nails

4. Stiletto Nails

Talking about safety precuations, these triangle shaped nails need to come with a warning sign. You won’t want to get on the wrong side of someone wearing a set of these glamorous claws. Whenever you hear someone referring to nails as claws, talons, or a cat nails shape, you know that they are definitely thinking about stiletto nails. Stiletto-shaped nails look best worn long and often work better as acrylics or press-ons as their shape can be tricky to get equal. Trust me on that one! When these nails are worn short they resemble triangle nails and can often be confused with mountain peak nails.

Stiletto Nails

5. Mountain Peak Nails

Mountain peak nails are distinguished by their wide base and angled soft point at the tip, similar to how a mountain would peak. The angle of the edges can vary depending on the shape of your finger and the look you’re going for, and so can the pointyness of your tips. The mountain peak nail shape is complimented the best when worn fairly short and not overly blinged. When worn long, the mountain peak nail can sometimes be mistaken for a stiletto nail shape. Mountain peak nails have a gorgeously unique shape that can be accentuated with a v-shaped french nail tip or with rhinestones decoratively placed at complimentary angles.

Mountain Peak Nails

6. Oval Nails

The classic oval nail is a nonmover in the nail charts. Nail shape trends come and go, but the oval nail will always remain a solid (and safe) choice. Elegance is guaranteed with this beautiful nail shape and what’s best is that it can be easily achieved at home with a decent nail shaper. Once you’re bored of your oval nail shape you can always file in the sides to a slight angle and you’ll achieve an almond nail shape.

Oval Nails

7. Duck Nails Shape

Introducing the newest social media beauty trend, the duck nail. A.K.A fan shaped nails, flare nail shape or wide nail shape. We went with duck nail shape for the article for no other reason, other than the cute factor of the name and that these nails really do resemble duck feet. Instagram is swarming with this new nail trend. Just like in the ugly duckling, an ugly nail shape was made beautiful. Except this ugly duckling was not made beautiful from time, but from MTV series Jersey Shore and TikTok.

Duck Nails Shape

8. Short Nails

And last but not least, we couldn’t forget about shorty! Clean, simple, beautiful, and easy! Short nails are not to be underestimated. Their simplicity carries a beauty of its own. Short nails are a big trend with Japanese nail artists, who wear their short nails with 3D designs, clear glitter, and thick gel polish that gives the nails a jelly-like style. Aside from trends and visits to the nail salon, your nails will thank you for giving them some rest and TLC once in a while. Cutting your nails short and allowing your nails to breathe occasionally will allow the natural coating of your nails to shine and prevent any damage. Consider leaving off your polish once in a while, your nails are a great indicator of how healthy you are. The healthier you are the more they shine, it’s that simple. This can be a great way to check back in with your body.

Short Nails

Truth is, we love all of these nail shapes. They each hold a specific beauty and style of their own. We try to feature an equal combination of nail shapes in each of our posts. This way, whatever your taste, there is some inspiration out there for you!

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