Oppo A31 Continues to Restart and the Touchscreen Stuck WORK 100%

Hi, Andro friends, this time I will share a tutorial on how to deal with the Oppo A31 cellphone which has continuous restart problems, the touchscreen is stuck and cannot install applications, it is guaranteed to work 100%.

If you are a friend of an Oppo A31 cellphone user who is experiencing problems such as the cellphone restarting itself continuously, the touch screen is stuck, hangs, slow/long loading etc., be careful, usually the Oppo A31 cellphone is the result of a refurbish!!!!.

Most refurbished cellphones are taken from former Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi cellphones that have failed or recycled products, and there have been many cases of these refurbished cellphones with the lure of large RAM and cheaper prices but ending in problems such as restarting continuously, the touchscreen is stuck,  install restricted apps.

For how to solve the HP refurbish problem, you can refer to the refurbish tips, because this tutorial is specifically for the original Oppo A31 type cellphone. There are several reasons why the Oppo cellphone often turns off or restarts continuously. Cases like this often occur in types like OPPO A31, Oppo F1S, among others  :

 1. Internal memory is full

 2. Installing too many applications

 3. Viruses

 4. Cache/junk files

 5. Software

 6. Battery drop

 7. Ram is full


 9. Room that is not suitable

Next, we will see how to overcome them.

An easy way to deal with cellphones often turning off by themselves or restarting continuously

After we know about the causes of cell phone problems, the next step is the process and how to handle it, okay, let’s just look at the following tips:

 1. Delete cache files or junk files

Usually for oppo cellphones, the method for deleting junk files is already available when opening the file manager folder.

You can also delete one by one in the delete application data option in settings, and you can also go through factory mode, for the tutorial, please see here.

 2. Anti-virus scan

In this way, you can do it by downloading an antivirus application in the Play Store, but I recommend using a PC to make it cleaner and detect viruses on your cellphone.

 3. Remove unnecessary applications

Delete applications that are unused or rarely used, especially those that are less useful.

 4. Factory reset

Factory reset is useful for total data erasing and also for eliminating root access.

This method is usually the most effective for dealing with continuous restart problems and also bootloops.

However, before starting the execution, I suggest deleting the Google account and also the password lock, if any. So that it won’t be FRP locked later, for how to enter recovery mode, click here.

 5. Replace the battery

Replace the battery if none of the methods above have worked, because usually the condition of the battery greatly affects the performance of the cellphone.

This method works in a number of cases that I’ve experienced, if you can’t replace the battery yourself it would be nice to take it to a service provider, because most of the batteries now have implanted batteries that require a tool to open the cellphone, moreover damage may also occur to the hardware  like an emmc ic that is already weak, a short on a power ic or a certain line.

Okay, that’s all my info this time, hopefully it’s useful.

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