How To Tell If A Scorpio Likes You (SERIOUSLY)

Mysterious and powerful Scorpio is one sign of the Zodiac signs that instantly captures your attention and attracts you.

Their energy is strong, and the secretive and mystical vibe they give can be an incredibly strong aphrodisiac. Therefore we completely understand your obsession and desire to be with them. 

However, dating a Scorpio man is not an easy quest because they tend to be particularly secretive and reserved when it comes to their emotions.

On the other hand, they are incredible people readers, so while it stays a mystery to you how they feel about you, they clearly know what your feelings are for them.

So this can be a bit frustrating.

However, do not worry. We are here to help you solve the mystery around this sign and discover if they truly like you. 

Pluto, the planet of destruction and rebirth, and Mars, the planet of passion and energy, rule Scorpio.

So this explains their dark side and attraction toward darkness but also the incredible confidence and power they have.

Hence, it is no wonder why danger tends to be so appealing to these people. In addition, as a Fixed sign, in the long term, Scorpio prefers to find stability and a sense of security in their partner. 

And now, without no further prolongation, let us find out what are the biggest signs a Scorpio man likes you. 

Telltale Signs That A Scorpio Man Likes You

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The Romantic Dates

Your first clue and sign that a Scorpio guy truly likes you is their effort for romance.

Scorpio men tend to be incredibly confident and a bit arrogant. These men won’t make a big effort to attract you unless they are really into you.

The romance and grand gestures, especially early in the relationship, are reserved only for someone they find to be truly special. 

If you see your Scorpio guy going out of their way for you, know that you have a very special place in their heart.

They are not doing all of this to get you into the bedroom as some people will do (or assume,) but to show you how much they like you.

In addition, the more creativity a Scorpio man shows in the planning of the dates, the more they like you. 

Trying To Impress You

As previously mentioned, Scorpio men aren’t a sign that suffers from low self-respect or self-worth. On the contrary, this guy is very strong and well aware of their qualities and potential.

In fact, their confidence is what probably attracted you to them in the first place. So you will only notice a Scorpio man trying to impress someone if they really like them. 

When it comes to dating, Scorpio men is more concerned about their date impressing them rather than them impressing their date.

However, when these people feel a strong connection and see you as more than just casual fun, they will try to present themself in the best light.

Moreover, this is a sign that you have already made a strong impression on your Scorpio crush. 

Gifts And Surprises

When a Scorpio man comes from a work trip and brings you a small gift like chocolate or a souvenir, know that you have their heart.

Gifts and small surprises are Scorpio’s way of showing you their love and affection for you. This is a clear sign that they have been thinking about you and have missed you.

In addition, when a Scorpio man likes you, they will constantly surprise you with small gestures.

They will show up at your door with your favorite snack or remember to buy you flowers if they notice you love them and make you happy. 

These are all little ways a Scorpio man’s feelings will show. He will be doing these things for just you, since he considers you someone in his inner circle (which is incredibly hard to get into.)

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Be There For You

Scorpio is a water sign; therefore, emotions drive these people. You will instantly notice how perceptive they are to other people’s energy.

So if they don’t like the vibe, a Scorpio man will likely leave the room without a care in the world. 

However, if they like the person, they will ensure they are there for you and help you feel better. A Scorpio guy in love won’t have a problem listening for hours about your troubles.

Moreover, they will offer a solution and help you solve whatever bothers you. When a Scorpio man gives you their heart, they also give you their unconditional support.  

Remember Details

When a Scorpio guy likes you, be sure that they will not only notice all the small details about you but also remember all you have said.

As a result, you can expect them to call you and ask you how your meeting went or wish you luck on your exam.

A small or big event, they will keep track of your life and carefully listen to you when you speak. 

In addition, Scorpio men like to have control, and by remembering all the details, they are able to learn as much as possible about you.

This helps them know how to act around you, say the right things, and act properly.

Moreover, the information they gather they’ll use to make sure you fall for them. 

Scorpio men are very deliberate with their words and intentions. They will be very present with you in order to dive deeper and get to know the real you.

Observe From Distance

The mystery wrapping your Scorpio crush has to do a lot with them observing you from a distance. If suddenly they are more withdrawn, it is not because they don’t like you.

On the contrary, they are into you, but now is the time to gather information. One thing a Scorpio man never does is rush into commitments and long-term relationships. 

Noticing them at a party looking at you from the other corner of the room is a clear sign they like you.

They are in their “hunting” phase and preparing to “catch” you once they are ready. You can increase their interest in you even more if you play mysterious and hard to get. 

A Scorpio man loves a challenge. Although we don’t condone playing games, not being easy to read is absolutely irresistible to them.

Dating Publicly

You may think this is a clear sign that someone likes you, but you may be wrong because, for example, Gemini won’t have a problem going out with you in public even if they don’t like you.

However, for a typical Scorpio guy, it is very important to be certain they like the person they date before they decide to go out in public. 

So if your dates are in places where Scorpio can run into their friends, you have successfully captured their heart.

They like you and want the world to know about the two of you being together. 

If a Scorpio man is truly interested in you, expect them to take you out on many dates. Not to say they won’t want to ‘Netflix and Chill,’ but they will be spending time with you in a more public setting.

If a romantic relationship (and not a casual fling) is on their mind, he’ll definitely plan out elaborate dates and show you off.

Making Compromises

A Scorpio man can be very controlling and firm with their stands and beliefs.

It is in their nature to want to always be right and take the lead. But if they are willing to make a compromise and meet you halfway, it is one of the biggest signs of their love and affection for you. 

Note that they are also not fans of taking advice and doing things differently from their way. However, if you offer advice and they take it, you have become their “weak” spot.

Moreover, this means they appreciate and value you enough to accept your guidance and follow it.

Simply put, they are willing to share the power with you, which is something they do only for a very special person in their life. 

Showing Signs Of Jealousy

Yes, a Scorpio man has an infamous jealous side. However, being so strong and independent, these kinds of feelings are not something they are proud of or show it openly.

Quite the contrary, Scorpio sees jealousy as insecurity, and that is something they will never allow. However, when they strongly like you, yes, jealousy is part of how their love and affection for you manifests. 

As a result, you will notice them being curious about where you are going and with whom.

In addition, they will be very cautious about possible competition because they wouldn’t like to lose you, so if they are a bit overprotected, it is their way of making sure there is no risk of losing you. 

However, be careful because although a small amount of jealousy can be normal, controlling and obsessive behavior is not.

So be open and honest with your Scorpio, and make sure you give them clear knowledge of your privacy boundaries.

For example, them going through your phone when you are not watching (kind of a Scorpio thing) is disrespectful for your privacy and not an okay thing to do, no matter how much they like you and care for you.  

If the fact they are acting jealous and overprotective bothers you, and they truly like you, they will be receptive to hearing your side of things and take your strong feelings into consideration.

The Deep Look

Another superpower of Scorpio man’s magnetism and charm is theiir eye contact. You will agree with us when we say a Scorpio guy has a look that seems like it can see through your soul!

So when they like you, you will receive that deep kinda “striping you naked with my eyes” look.

If you have just started dating, look for this look in their eyes when you are not looking at them directly. For example, leave the table and go to the bathroom.

On your way, turn around and see if their eyes follow your body and every move you make. If they do, you have absolutely conquered the heart and interest of Scorpio.

Beyond ‘the look,’ a Scorpio man makes intense eye contact. Seriously. Intense.

Scorpio guys aren’t typically shy and will hold your gaze longer than what some are comfortable with.

Take their undivided attention as a high compliment, they don’t typically give it out so easily.  

They Are Peeling Off Their Layers

A Scorpio man is a tough nut to crack. The reason why they are so mysterious and secretive is their defense mechanism.

They won’t trust just anyone with their deepest secrets. There is a deeper level to them that takes a lot of time to show.

Sometimes even when you are in a relationship with a Scorpio, you still can’t be one hundred percent sure you know all there is about them.

However, them peeling off their layers one by one and slowly show you the real Scorpio, is a huge sign of how much they like you. This zodiac sign doesn’t open up to just anyone.

In addition, it requires patience to be with a Scorpio man. These people need more time to feel comfortable opening up to you and telling you all their life stories. 

Texts And Calls

A Scorpio man is independent and very comfortable on their own. However, when they like you, get ready to spend a lot of your time talking over the phone.

In addition, get your fingers ready for hours and hours of typing messages, especially in the late hours. 

Between good morning and good night calls, Scorpio’s most open moments to talk about emotions and feelings are before bed, when they are most likely to open up to you through texting.

There is some strong connection between people born under this sign and the night. It is like the later it gets, the more emotional a Scorpio man gets and is ready to open up and talk about feelings.

So text away late in the night with a smile, knowing this is a sign they like you. 

Spending More Time With You

Although this is not a hard sign to miss, you must know a Scorpio schedule can be very busy.

Moreover, these people are very comfortable being on their own, and at times they prefer solitude and isolation.

Therefore when a Scorpio wants to spend more time with you, take it as a BIG sign of how much they like you. 

They will try to include you in their hobbies and activities. So if their interests are replaced with one or a couple of activities, it is because they want you close.

Your Scorpio likes you to the point where they are ready to change their daily routine and make more time to be with you. 

In a Scorpio man’s mind, giving you their time is one of the biggest signs they like you.

They Rely On You

Strong Scorpios have an attitude of “I don’t need anyone in life.” However, when they like and care for you, you can see their guard coming down and learning to trust and rely on you.

This is your sign that you have a special place in their life and heart. They are loyal partners but will take their time as relying on others is a big deal.

They have a tough time taking that next step and being vulnerable.

Moreover, it shows a Scorpio man sees you as their equal partner and someone with whom together they can reach their goals. 

A Scorpio in love will confide to you about what is on their mind and not be afraid to rely on your help. In fact, these people will rarely ever ask for help, so this is a sure sign of their love for you.

Even if they ask you for something small, know this is their love language and assurance they like you. 

However, the mighty Scorpio won’t forget or forgive you if you betray their trust.

So if you want to make sure for this person to stay in your life and continue to like you, make sure you keep your promise to help and prove to them they can rely on you. 

Furthermore, all the secrets they tell you don’t even think about sharing with your friends or someone else.

When a Scorpio man confides to you, it is sacred and should never be shared with someone else besides between you two. 

Forming An Emotional Connection

When your Scorpio man spends quality time with you, they are engaged listeners in conversations, compliment and praise you and make love to you on a regular basis; they are forming an emotional connection with you.

This is one more sure sign of their love and devotion toward you.

Your Scorpio is making sure you share something deeper besides the physical attraction, and this is what can help you build a strong and lasting relationship. 

Their true feelings start to come out the more they open themselves up to you. They are opening their hearts and letting you in.

The emotional closeness and intimacy a Scorpio man builds only happens when they are ready to move the relationship on to the next level.

But again, you need to be very patient, honest, and open so that a Scorpio can reach this level in your relationship. 

So before we conclude on all of the signs a Scorpio likes you, it is only fair to mention a few that speak quite the opposite. So if you notice your Scorpio acting this way, unfortunately, you need to move on and stop wasting your time. 

Signs A Scorpio Man Doesn’t Like You

They Keep The Conversation Short

The shorter the conversations with your Scorpio crush become, the less interested they are in you.

So don’t waste your time calling, texting, and taking the initiative to spend time with them because you will only hear excuses for how busy they are.

Moreover, it is likely they are already focused on someone else. 

These water signs are extremely caring, so if they are giving you the bare minimum, it’s because they are completely uninterested.

Emotionally Distant

If your meetings are only physical and your Scorpio man doesn’t want to make the connection deeper, it is a clear sign they only see the affair as casual fun.

Yes, they like you but probably not in the way you want or plan to take the relationship to the next level.

Just know that if it’s only physical contact and he’s not emotionally open, he is likely only interested in one thing.

So if this arrangement works for you, by all means, have fun.

But if this is not what you want, it is time to face them and if they confirm your doubts, look for a partner that is ready to commit to you and give you more than fun in the bedroom. 

They Are Mean And Insensitive

A Scorpio man can be very cold-hearted and insensitive with someone they don’t like. They will try to sell the story as them being honest and real with their comments and points.

But however, the reality is that they don’t like you enough to make an effort and be more considerate.

Remember, no person on Earth should make you feel bad about yourself! So it is time to walk away from this toxic and unhealthy relationship. 

Final thoughts, 

Scorpio’s magnetic charm is enormous, and they really know how to spin your world around. The relationship with these people is intense and incredibly passionate. Even if you’re just good friends, there is an intensity that is hard to describe.

There is no doubt that you will have fun and enjoy your time with this zodiac sign.

We are lucky to help you catch the signs your Scorpio gives so you can know where you stand.

Beyond body language, pay attention to whether or not this man’s words match his actions. They can be sweet talkers, but they won’t be able to fake their true interest. 

A Scorpio man’s heart is hard to crack, but once you do get to know them and have deep conversations and connections, this is one sign that will have you feeling like you’re living out a fantasy.

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