Easy Way to Bypass FRP Oppo A96 CPH2333 PROVEN 100% SUCCESSFUL


Hi Andro friends, this time I will share tips on how to bypass Google account verification or bypass frp on the Oppo a 96 due to forgetting the pattern PIN password and lock guaranteed to work 100%.

What is meant by Bypass FRP and how to overcome and bypass the FRP lock?  Lock FRP is a security system that is applied to cellphones with Android version 5.0 or Lollipop and above, useful for protecting Android devices from irresponsible parties, because when reset, the cellphone will ask for confirmation from the Google account that was previously synchronized on the cellphone.

Usually, Oppo cellphones have problems with unlocking frp or verifying Google accounts caused by doing a hard reset or wiping factory settings data which ends in verifying a Google account due to forgetting the Google account that was previously synced on the Oppo a96 cellphone.

Then how do we get past or Bypass frp on the Oppo a96 so that the Oppo a96 HP can be used again as usual, for the method Let’s see together the tutorial below.

But before proceeding to the execution, it should be noted that this time I will use a PC device, namely by using the unlock tool.

Tutorial Bypass FRP oppo A96 CPH 2333 Via PC

 – First turn on the PC

 – then Run Unlock Tool

 – Next, select Device Oppo A96, then select Erase FRP

 – then when the Oppo A96 is in power off condition connect it to the computer while pressing the Volume Up and Down buttons simultaneously.

 – Automatically the Unlock Tool will detect and read the Oppo A96 device

 – Wait for the unlock process to finish

 – after the frp bypass process is complete, then remove the oppo a96 then all you have to do is set it up to the main view until it’s finished.

Now that’s an easy way to ByPass FRP Oppo A96 using the Unlock Tool, okay, that’s enough for this tutorial, I hope it’s useful and good luck.

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