55 Breathtaking Red And Silver Nails For 2023

Imagine going out for brunch with your friends wearing an all-white outfit, and all your friends can see is the shine on your nails because of your new manicure. If that is not relatable for you, imagine going to a party knowing that you will be the show-stopper even though you are wearing a simple dress. 

This can be changed into reality with the help of red and silver nails. These nails are your one stop-shop for every dress that you wear. 

It is understandable that you would be unwilling to get red and silver nail designs for a business meeting. Still, for a wedding, especially if you are a bride, these nails will leave all the guests awe-struck. That diamond ring might look a little fancier because of the added sparkle of red silver nails.

If this has got you hooked on the chemistry between these two shades, keep reading to explore more about it. 


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Red And Silver Nails

One thing that you need to be aware of is that nail designs red and silver have no touch of subtleness in them. These nails are all about glamour, style, and lavishness. 

If you are someone with a loud personality and likes to stand out more than the rest, these nails are made for you. Not only will you make your frenemies jealous, but you will also have to get ready for tons of compliments. 

This manicure tends to suit every skin tone, and because of which a lot of people go for it. Red nails with silver touch are more inclined toward the summery look. Still, getting these done during winter is fine, too. This is the perfect manicure for you during Christmas and for valentine’s day as well. 

Nail Art Designs For Red & Silver Nails

Red nails with silver glitter complement your hands in every type of nail art design you might go for. Consider the options given below to have a better understanding of it. 

  1. French tips with red and silver nails – Paint your nails with solid red paint. This can be glossy or matte, depending on your liking. Then want use silver nail polish on the tips to enhance the French manicure. And voila your red nails with silver tips are ready!
  2. Hearts using red and silver nails –Red is the color of hearts, and Valentine’s Day is approaching. So, grab your thin nail brushes to make the cutest little hearts on your fingernails after applying silver nail polish. Make sure it is dry enough before you make the red hearts.
  3. The silver gradient on red nails – This is quite famous in the nail art world. Apply red nail paint to all the nails and then use silver nail paint to create a smooth gradient on top of it. This will enhance the sparkle.
  4. Red and silver nails with rhinestones – Rhinestones would add extra bling to your nails if you crave to go over and beyond. Apply red nail polish to your nails and make thin flames using silver nail polish. Where the end of the flames is, you can stick some rhinestones onto it.

Are You Ready To Add Some Sparkle With Red And Silver Nails Ideas?

Red with silver nails will never fail to disappoint you if you get this manicure done for a special occasion. Moreover, you must be careful about your nail art design because there is nothing subtle about this glamorous manicure. 

Get yours done and bling on. 

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