31 Opal Hair Looks That Rock The Latest Trend For 2022


Beautiful Braided Opal Hair


Pastel Unicorn Opal Hair


Half Black Half Pastel Rainbow Hair


Pastel Blue & Green Platinum Hair


Lilac, Blue and Silver Opal Hair


Brown Hair with Pastel Opal Highlights


Platinum Opal Hair


Light Pink Opal Hair


Lilac Opal Hair


Pastel Pink to Blue Ombre Opal Hair


Short Lilac Opal Hair


Platinum Pastel Rainbow Hair


Blue To Silver Ombre Opal Hair


White Platinum Opal Hair


White Opal Hair with Pastel Highlights


Blonde to Pastel Rainbow Ombre Hair


long and wavy pastel purple pastel blue pastel yellow pastel pink and pastel green highlighted opal hair


Blonde with Pastel Rainbow Highlights


Lilac to Blonde Ombre Opal Hair


Bright to Pastel Ombre Opal Hair


Pearlescent Pastel Highlights


Dark Purple to Pastel Purple Opal Hair


Pastel Pink + Orange Opal Hair


Pearlescent Hair with Platinum Opal Highlights


Blonde to Lilac Opal Hair


Pop of Pastel Blue Opal Hair


Bright Opal Hair


Blonde Opal Hair


Silver + Lilac Pearlescent Hair


All Over Pastel Rainbow Hair


Ash Pastel Opal Hair

What happens when you combine all the pastel colors in the rainbow? Opal hair of course! Opal hair designs use a gorgeous combination of rainbow pastel colors using a handpainted technique that gives the pearlescent effect of a beautiful opal.

And yes, because this is the pretty kind of hair that you would see a unicorn or a mermaid rocking, it can also be called mermaid hair or unicorn hair.

There are so many stunning ways to combine these pastel colors together. For a more pearlescent or mother-of-pearl look, you may want to combine subtle highlights of the pastel colors on white or silver hair. For a more magical unicorn effect, you can go for a full head of color and go brighter with your pastel colors.

To achieve the best shimmery opal effect we recommend applying pastel blues and greens to platinum-white hair and adding subtle touches of pastel yellow, pastel pink, and lilac.

Which opal hair design is your favorite?

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