25+ Mesmerizing Pink Cow Print Nails (TREND ALERT!)

Cow print nails have been on the rise lately! But you don’t have to use the usual white and black colors for this fun design. Nope, that’s BORING!

Pink cow print nails are here for you if you want to use this trend in a cute and unique way.

Honestly, any color would work great, but we just LOOOOOOVE pink and thought this match was perfect for the design.

Pink is a gorgeous color with different hues, and almost everyone likes this feminine color. So, we thought the mix between pink and cow print nails would be PERFECT!

You can mix different pink hues or use a single one for your cow print nails. We have A TON of gorgeous nail ideas here, so let’s dive right in…

What Is The Best Nail Length for Pink Cow Print Nails?

Pink cow print looks good on both short and long nails. So, whether you like short nails or long nails, you can rock this trend.

On short nails, the pink cow print looks adorable and chic. On long nails, it looks classy and beautiful. Therefore, you must try it out despite your nail length and shape.

Don’t think you can’t rock this look if you have a specific preference.

You’ll see some short, cute nails here and some loooooooong ones that are sure to catch everyone’s eye. Pick and choose your favorite.

Which Pink Hue Is Best For Cow Print?

Any pink hue will look good in cow print. Use a single hue or multiple ones for this design. Hot pink, baby pink, pastel pink, etc. are all good for pink cow print nail design.

You really can’t go wrong.

I personally adore the baby pink nails with the cow print, but that’s just me.

And some of these hot pink nails truly live up to their name! (Sizzle)

Pink Cow Print Nail Inspirations

Alright, enough small talk… Let’s get into it and dive right in.

You’re here looking for inspiration right? Or perhaps you are just curious. Whichever one it is, go through this list and see which speak to you.

You can mix and match design, get inspired, and make it your own.

If you do try this out, we’d love to see it! Send it to us for a chance to be featured below!

Without further adieu…

Monochrome Pink Cow Print Nails

How freaking gorgeous is this?!

Use different hues of pink for this look. Add white for the cow print design and keep the base simple.

The nail length and shape look perfect for this adorable nail design. We honestly can’t get over it. #OBSESSED

Pink Cow Print Nails with Strawberries

Want a cute twist in your nails with the pink cow print? Add strawberries to one nail. Use pink for the strawberries instead of red.

Keep the cow print on the tips of your nails for a unique design.

This one is cute and the pink strawberry makes the nails just POP!

Pastel Pink Cow Print and Glitter Nails

I’m a sucker for pastels! Plus the glitter?! Swoons

Add glitter with the pink cow print nails to recreate this look. Choose a glitter that matches the pink hue you are using for the cow print to keep everything synchronized.

For a simple trick, use white in the base and draw random, almost circular shapes with pink to achieve a quick cow print.

Short and Simple Pink Cow Print Nails

Pink cow print nails look good, even on super short nails. File your nails down and make them square-shaped.

Next, add white to the base of your nails. Draw cow print using your favorite pink hue. Add a shiny top coat to make everything look well-blended and gorgeous.

Tell me that doesn’t look amazing?!

Mix and Match Pink Nails with Cow Print

The cow print doesn’t have to go on all the nails. You can mix and match different patterns with the cow print, such as yin-yang, smileys, and more!

Get as creative as you want here.

Keep the designs on the nail tips only. For this look, you will need long enough nails so you can incorporate the patterns on your tips.

Otherwise, you will have to do it on your whole nail. I wonder how this would look…. Hmm… if you do it, let us know!

French Cow Print Pink Nails

This one is so unique and different! A great twist on the classic french manicure.

Get a pink french manicure and draw a cow print on one nail’s tip. Draw a pink cow print on the last nail without adding a white background color.

A clear nail background will work for this pattern too.

Pink Base Cow Print Nails

Use a pink base for your usual cow print nails for a different and unique design.

You can add rhinestones to this look for extra fanciness.

This one would work great on shorter nails as well!

Pink Nails with Cow Print

How extra are these?! Don’t be intimidated by the length – these would look great on shorter nails as well.

Paint your nails pink and draw the usual cow print on some nails for a beautiful mix and match.

To make the design look extra and lavish, get super long nails for this look.

Elegant Pink Cow Print Nails

Get monochrome pink french tips on all nails except one. For that one nail, draw a pink cow print.

Add a rhinestone at the bottom of each nail. No design will look more elegant than this one.

Pink and Black Cow Print Nail Set

Mix and match pink and black cow print for a mesmerizing nail look.

These nails are sure to POP, especially the bright AF pinky-pink!

(This is likely the next one I will be trying… it’s just SO good)

Pink Cow Print Nails Coffin

Get coffin-shaped nails for pink cow print, and keep everything simple. You can use different pink hues or use a single one for the whole look.

Hot pink and pastel pink is a good combination for this look. Instead of using a plain white base, use a light neutral pink base.

Matte Pink Cow Print Nails

Matte makes everything look clean and classy!

So, why not try it out with pink cow print nails? Use cow print on the tips of your nails. Make it a double french tip by lining it with pink. 

I had never seen that ‘double french’ and now I need to give it a whirl. Stay tuned.

Pastel Cow Print Nails

Oh pastels. You already know my deep love affair with pastel nails. I could look at these babies all day.

Pair pink with other pastel colors like lavender, yellow, and blue, and draw a cow print on your nails.

This rainbow cow print nail look is the cutest design for spring or summer. It looks good on both short and long nails, so anyone can try out this look.

Cow Print Pink French Tips

Keeping a pattern on the tips of your nails only is a big trend lately! You can try it out with a pink cow print pattern too.

Keep the base of your tips neutral pink, and use hot pink for the cow print. Add a shiny top coat for perfection.

Playboy Cow Print Nails

Now, THESE make a statement…

Pink nails with cow print and the playboy logo on it is your way to get badass nails.

This nail design looks good on long nails if you want to have a fierce vibe.

Short Light Pink Cow Print Nails

Alright, JK! I have a new favorite! Everyone, move aside…

These cow-print nails that look like strawberry milkshakes are the absolute cutest.

They look beautiful on short nails, and the light pink color is the best for these.

If you want adorable pink nails, you just gotta try out this look! I may never take them off.

Mix n Match Pink Cow Print Nails

Can’t decide which pink shade to use for your pink cow print nails? Then go for different pink tones and mix and match them.

Draw a big cow print pattern on your nails. The best part of this design is that you can use it on both short and long nails.

Big Pink Cow Prints

Cow print doesn’t have to be small dots on your nails. It can be big too.

Use hot pink for the pattern, and keep your base neutral pink for the perfect pink cow print nails.

Quirky Cow Print Pink Nails

Use cow print in different ways, such as lines and tips. Add a black outline to the cow print.

The little details on these nails make it perfect. It incorporates all the beautiful shades of pink.

Pink Cow Print Nails with White Nails

Mix your usual pink cow print nails with clear white nails.

The coffin nail shape is perfect for this look if you want something simple yet beautiful and lavish.

This nail design uses strawberry pink.

Abstract Pink Cow Print Nails

Who thought you could have an abstract piece of art on your nails using pink cow print?

It is an artistic and creative design that looks absolutely stunning.

Bring forth your artistic side and try out this gorgeous look on your nails. You will need long nails for this look to keep everything on the tips.

Cow Print and Glitter Pink Nails

What’s nail inspiration without some glitter?! That’s right, we can’t complete any inspiration without adding glitter to it.

So incorporate beautiful pink glitter with your cow print nails. The half-and-half nails add a unique element to this design.

Black and Pink Cow Print Nails

Who said cow print has to be white?! There are NO rules here, okay?!

You can add pink to the base and draw a cow print with black on your nails.

It is the perfect combination for a true POP!

Dreamy Pink Cow Print Nails

Hot pink, glitter, and cow print – what more would you want in your nails?! It is a gorgeous nail design that will mesmerize every onlooker.

I can’t look away myself…

This design is easier than it looks; give it a try and let us know how you get on!

Soft Pink Cow Print Nails

Match your usual pink cow print nails with soft pink glitter.

It is a beautiful look with a pop of glitter.

Multiple Pink Cow Print Nails

Why use a single pink shade for the cow print when you can go for multiple shades? The multiple shades don’t have to be on different nails.

Try out this unique pink cow print nail design!

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Which pink cow print nails did you like the most? Are you having trouble choosing?

Or is this trend one you’ll politely pass on?

I know I will be jumping on the bandwagon with the light pink and pastel ones!

You can use pink for cow print in endless ways and achieve a gorgeous manicure. The possibilities are truly endless…

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