24 Stylish Lilac Hair Looks For 2022

If you’re looking for a hair color that is both sophisticated and stylish but with an edge to it, lilac hair is definitely for you. Lilac hair is one of those colors that looks great with all other natural hair colors. If you have blonde hair you can go for a bright lilac hair color or the beautiful and currently trending silver lilac hair. For those of you with dark hair smoky lilac hair with ashy tones blends in perfectly. And good news brunettes; lilac, and brown hair look amazing smoky, platinum, bright, dark, or pastel.

We’ve got a plethora of super stylish lilac hair looks in store for you. Lilac hair looks great as highlights or as an ombre. You’ll find some great examples of how people wear these looks below. Lilac hair is often worn long and wavy but also looks great worn as a pixie cut or a short and choppy bob.

We hope you enjoy these 24 stylish lilac hair looks.

Dark Hair to Lilac Hair Color

Lilac Hair Color

Silver Lilac Hair

Silver Lilac Hair

Long Silver Pastel Lilac Hair

Silvery Lilac Hair

Pastel Lilac Hair with Blonde

Pastel Lilac Hair

Blue + Lilac Color Hair

Lilac Color Hair

Blonde + Lilac Grey Hair

Lilac Grey Hair

Periwinkle Lilac Hair Ombre

Periwinkle Lilac Hair

Short + Smoky Lilac Hair

Smoky Lilac Hair

Lavender Lilac Hair Color

Lavender Lilac Hair Color

Lilac Frost Hair

Lilac Frost Hair

Lilac Pink Hair

Lilac Pink Hair

Braided Pink Lilac Hair

Pink Lilac Hair

Platinum Lilac Hair Ombre

Platinum Lilac Hair

Pink + Blonde + Lilac Hair

Blonde And Lilac Hair

Cadbury Chocolate Lilac Hair Color

Chocolate Lilac Hair Color

Lilac Platinum Highlighted Hair

Lilac Platinum Hair

Short Lilac Silver Hair

Lilac Silver Hair

Pastel Lilac Hair Color

Pastel Lilac Hair Color

Ombre Smoky Lilac Hair Color

Smoky Lilac Hair Color

Ombre Brown And Lilac Hair

Brown And Lilac Hair

Silver And Lilac Hair Ombre

Silver And Lilac Hair

Dark Lilac Hair

Dark Lilac Hair

Dark Brown To Lilac Hair

Dark Brown To Lilac Hair

Long + Wavy Lilac Hair

Wavy Lilac Hair

So, there we have it, 24 of the best lilac hair looks for women. We hope these stylish hairstyles have given you some inspiration for your next visit to the hair salon.

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