22 Scrummy Cupcake Nail Designs For 2022

Not only do we love to treat ourselves to a delicious cupcake with sprinkles once in a while, but we also love to treat ourselves to some scrummy cupcake nail designs too. These cupcake nail designs are so cute and look good enough to eat.

Cupcake nail designs look great with added sprinkles on your nails, you could either purchase some nail polish with confetti pieces in or hand paint the designs on yourself. Both of these looks look great.

The drip nail style is also a great design to go for with these cupcake nail designs as it can look like sugar icing.

We hope you find the perfect scrummy cupcake nail design for you.

Pink + Blue Cupcake Nails

Cupcake Nails

Square Tip Cupcake Nail Design

Cupcake Nail Design

Yummy Cupcake Nail Designs

Cupcake Nail Designs

Lots of Sprinkles Cupcake Nail Art

Cupcake Nail Art

Short Sprinkled Cupcake Nails

Short Cupcake Nails

Long Pink Cupcake Nails

Pink Cupcake Nails

Birthday Cupcake Nail Design

Birthday Cupcake Nail Design

Green Confetti Cupcake Nail Design

Green Cupcake Nail Design

Scary Cupcake Nails

Scary Cupcake Nails

Short Blue Cupcake Nail Designs

Blue Cupcake Nail Designs

Pastel Rainbow Cupcake Nails

Pastel Cupcake Nails

Blue Cupcake Glitter Nails

Blue Cupcake Glitter Nails

Silver Cupcake Nail Art

Silver Cupcake Nail Art

Lilac + Pink Cupcake Nails

Lilac And Pink Cupcake Nails

Pink + Grey Cupcake Nails

Pink And Grey Cupcake Nails

Nude + Lilac Cupcake Nails

Nude And Lilac Cupcake Nails

Colorful + Cute Cupcake Nail Art

Cute Cupcake Nail Art

Short + Simple Cupcake Nails

Simple Cupcake Nails

Hot Pink Cupcake Nails

Hot Pink Cupcake Nails

Pink Cupcake Sprinkle Nails

Cupcake Sprinkle Nails

Glittery + Nude Cupcake Nails

Nude Cupcake Nails

Cupcake Nail Art Designs

Cupcake Nail Art Designs

After looking at all of these scrummy cupcake nail designs I can feel myself craving a cupcake. Which cupcake is your flavor?

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